Homepage of Jürgen Hauser

This homepage is primarily intended to test Internet technology. Anyway, there are pages about my hobbies.
My homepage at the University of Stuttgart
Link to my homepage at the University of Stuttgart that describes my work as scientific research staff member. I've been working there from 1998 through 2001 in the distributed systems group.
Java applications
In this section you will find Java applications that I wrote by myself. The first application is a multimedia authoring and presentation system. The second application is a simple image presentation program.
Shoot-em up game "Carcharodon - White Sharks"
Carcharodon is a shoot-em up game for the Commodore Amiga. I was member of the "Silicon Warriors"-Team that developed this game.
My daughter Sara Lea
Relatives and friends will find pictures of my daughter in this section.
Homepage of the "Bäckerei Schweyher", a traditional German bakery (in German)
In our spare time, my wife and I maintain the homepage of the "Bäckerei Schweyher".

Last change: 23.02.2003 (jh)