Java Applications
On this page you will find two Java applications that I've developed by myself. These applications reached a usable state. Hence, I provide them as Java Web Start applications. If you want to try them you have to install Java first. One last remark at this point: You install and run these applications on your own risk.
MAVA Multimedia Suite
Initial versions of the MAVA-Multimedia Suite tools were developed during my work at the University of Stuttgart. These tools can be used for authoring and presentation of multimedia documents. Meanwhile the programs have been revised intensively and are provided in their latest version here.
SIPT: Simple Image Presentation Tool
SIPT is a simple tool for altering images (i.e. changing size or brightness). It has been developed as a fast way to adjust graphics used in the Mava Multimedia Suite. New functionality of SIPT includes a slide shows with music and the generation of thumbnail pages. With only a few mouse clicks you can create impressive slide shows. Another feature is the flexible generation of HTML thumbnail pages.

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