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Last change: 12.03.2004 (jh)

The following documents can be downloaded as ZIP files and presented using MMP.

Document File Description Size Talk (in German) of Frank Scholze, University Library Stuttgart, he gave on the BSZ-Kolloquium. He used MAVA for the slides instead of PowerPoint. 2534 kB This document demonstrates an alternative interaction form. A user interacts with the document by changing his physical position. This change can be determined using a GPS interface.

This demonstration simulates this change of the user`s current location with two windows. The first window shows a map of an island. The current location of the user is indicated by a red mark in the map. You can click on the map to jump to an new location. The second window lets simulates a step-by-step change of the users location using the arrows.

If you copy two mp3s into the subdirectory "sounds" and rename them to "sound1.mp3" and "sound2.mp3" they will be played-out during the presentation.

1056 kB A simple document showing an other type of interaction. During presentation the user is asked two questions that he has to answer to continue the presentation. The first presentation has to be answered within 10 seconds. The second question requires an answer given as typed text in a text field.

If you copy two mp3s into the subdirectory "sounds" and rename them into "sound1.mp3" and "sound2.mp3" they will be played-out during presentation.

169 kB