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Last change: 12.03.2004 (jh)

The Mava Multimedia Suite (also referred as software in this license agreement) is provided as a demo or evaluation version on these Internet pages. If the software is downloaded the user accepts the following evaluation license:

Evaluation license means particularly that the user has no commercial intention, like usage in other products, as part of a service, the creation of a documentation in all different forms (e.g. books or web pages) nor selling of documents and presentations created with the software.

The producer is not responsible for any damage caused by the installation or usage of the software. The usage of the software is always at the responsibility of the user itself. The user has no right to get a new version or a version that fixes bugs of the software.

The provided binary code is property of the producer. The user has solely the right to use this software during evaluation. After evaluation the software it has to be deleted by the user. The right to use this software does not include the right to copy it, change it, decompile or analyze it in any way.

If you do not agree with this license agreement, you are not allowed to install the software from these Internet pages.

(C) 2004 and all rights reserved by Jürgen Hauser