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Last change: 18.04.2004 (jh)

The MAVA Multimedia Suite is implemented in Java and therefore it is platform independent. To run it on your computer, all you need is a Java runtime (at least version 1.4) and the Java Media Framework (at least version 2.0). The page "Installing Java" describes how to get Java and the JMF and install it. The suite is provided as a Java Web Start application from these web pages.

The MAVA Multimedia Suite has been tested so far on three different platforms, namely Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris. A PC with a 500Mhz processor and 256 MB of RAM is suitable for both, MMP and MMEd.

Which media types are supported depends on the platform and the version of the Java Media Framework that is installed (e.g. platform specific performance packs).

If you plan to or you already have tested the Mava Multimedia Suite on a different platform, for example Mac OS X, please contact me and send me your experiences. Then I can update these pages accordingly to your experiences.